I have always been into beauty, hair and makeup but, the past year or so I have dove in head first. I am always looking for the best products. I wanted to share with all of you where I have been going for my beauty products. Most of the time I shop for my products at the mall and end up spending $60.00 for my foundation and around $90.00 for my perfume. That is until I found! carries everything I need beauty wise. Makeup, fragrance, skin care , you name it. What is so amazing about is that everything is discounted.

jc1   Juicy Couture usually runs around $89.00 for the 3.4 oz bottle. At I found it for $38.41 which is an amazing price! I have not found this great of deals anywhere else. has such a big selection of beauty, fragrance and skin care to chose from and their customer service is out of this world amazing. Click HERE to purchase Juicy Couture at a discounted price for your self!

ysl3YSL Touche Eclat foundation is the foundation I usually always use. It runs me around $60.00 I also found it for a huge discount at! If I could recommend any beauty store to shop at, it would be Why pay more when you can spend less for the exact same products and have them shipped right to your door? Click HERE to purchase YSL for your self!

From now on, I will be shopping for all of my beauty products at and not just my foundation and perfume but, for skin care as well. also offers FREE shipping to the US

Check out for your self  HERE and let me know what discounts you find!

Not only do I like sharing products that I get from companies for review but, actual places I shop at with my own money!

Nordstrom Beauty

Looking for the perfect holiday gifts? Nordstrom is the place to go! They have the best holiday must haves at great prices!

Right now at Nordstrom you will find amazing holiday sets such as the ones featured below. Tiffany’s Goodies was lucky enough to try out the following items and boy are they good!


Philosophy pomegranate meringue body soufflé features a lightweight, whipped formula that simply melts into your skin for enviable softness. It features a blend of shea butter, aloe, olive-fruit extract and antioxidants that soothe and protect your skin while leaving it cloaked in a fresh, berry scent.

The peace on earth set includes a pair of tranquil orchid products that cloak you in a calm scent while gently cleansing and conditioning your skin and hair and leaving you moisturized. This set comes with a shower gel (which can also be used for shampoo) and a lotion. 

Nordstrom ombré travel brush set features a quartet of beautiful hued brushes with short handles and full, synthetic-haired brush heads, making them the perfect makeup companion when you’re on the go. They come tucked into a chic textured pouch that even has enough extra room for your other beauty essentials.

The Nordstrom travel brush set comes with the following:

- Powder brush
- Allover eyeshadow brush
- Contour eyeshadow brush

- Flat eyeliner brush

Nordstrom products are great quality products. When using products or items from Nordstrom you can truly feel that they are made very well and are of the best quality.

Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns. The costumer service goes out of their way to insure that their costumers are well taken care of. 

These gifts any girl or women. They are sure to love any of these amazing Nordstrom gifts! So, pick up your Nordstrom item today and watch her face light up with joy!

Click HERE to see all the amazing items Nordstrom has to offer!


BARBAR Hair Tools

Looking for sleek, shinny, straight hair? BARBAR Hair Tools has the most amazing flat irons!


BARBAR sent over the BARBAR 2300 Titanium Ionic Flat Iron for me to try out. I am in love with this flat iron. I have used many flat irons over the years and have liked most of them but, have never really fell in love with one. I truly love everything about this flat iron. It does not tug at the hair when straightening. Some of my other flat irons would tug and even brake off some pieces of my hair around the plates of the flat iron when using them. Not this one.

The BARBAR 2300 Titanium Ionic Flat Iron can be used on wet or dry hair. It truly does cut down on the amount of time it take to straighten my hair. It gives such a sleek and shiny look to my hair. I have yet to find a flat iron that makes my hair look as good as this BARBAR flat iron. This amazing flat iron heats up to 450 degrees to maximize its straightening ability. The digital screen on the BARBAR 2300 Titanium Ionic Flat Iron makes it easy to set the heat to your desired temperature. The swivel cord is also a great plus. You know when you are using a hair tool and the cord gets all tangled up? This cord has a 360 degree swivel so it moves with you, not against you, making straightening our hair a breeze.

This flat iron works great on all hair types and comes with a one year warranty. I highly recommend this BARBAR Flat Iron to anyone and everyone who loves that shiny, straight hair look!

Pick up your very own BARBAR Flat Iron today by clicking HERE

Information about the BARBAR Titanium Ionic Flat Iron:

•1-1/2″ titanium plates
•Optional ionic/non-ionic setting
•Optional Fahrenheit or Celsius setting
•Automatic shut off setting
•Heat: 180º F- 450º F
•Dual voltage for international usage, 100V-240V
•Digital LCD temperature display & control
•360º swivel cord
•MCH eco-friendly ceramic heating element
•Power output 80W-150W
•One year limited warranty


Tiffany’s Goodies was lucky enough to work with LORAC to bring you a review on some of the many items they carry. LORAC is a well known name in the cosmetic industry. They are known for their amazing products that are a cut above the rest! When it comes to cosmetics, LORAC certainly knows their stuff.



If you are looking for very well made cosmetics with ingredients that are perfectly blended to give you the best look possible then LORAC is your brand. Being a blogger and working with make up for many years now I have came cross many brands. Some I have loved and some I did not really care for. When it comes to LORAC it goes with out saying, I am in love.

LORAC has many different eye shadow palettes. I am amazed by both the Unzipped Palette and the Pro To-Go Palette. Both have something very unique to offer. The Unzipped Palette has a beautiful array of neutral colors that are wearable both day and night. All of the colors in this palette are to die for. You know when you buy a palette and sometimes you can only use some of the colors in the palette? Well, that is not the case with the LORAC palettes. All of the colors in these palettes are stunning to say the very least. The great part is that the colors in both the Unzipped Palette and the Pro To-Go palette are great on any eye color. You can really tell that LORAC took their time insuring that these Palettes would be perfect. The Pro To-Go palette has both eye shadows and cheek colors. A peachy color with a bit of shimmer, a true pink shade and a brown for contouring. All of which can be worn on any skin tone or undertone.

The LORAC Touch-Up To Go Concealer Pen is such  a smooth formula and does not crease in the fine lines that we all have, no matter our age. Under the eye area is an area that we all worry about our concealer creasing because, when concealer creases under the eyes it tends to make the make up look “cakey”. Touch-Up To Go Concealer by LORAC can be used to conceal blemishes or to brighten up dark circles under the eyes. It works perfect for either. This product can be ordered in many different shades to insure the perfect match for any skin tone.  I can not say enough good things about this concealer!

Everyone is always looking for that perfect foundation. That foundation that does not look like you are wearing too much make up but, that gives great coverage. The LORAC Cococin Cream Compact Foundation does just that. Again this product comes in many shades so you are sure to find the perfect shade to fit your skin tone. This foundation simply looks breathtaking on any skin type. Remember when I said LORAC really knows their stuff when it comes to cosmetics and that they really do pay close attention in the ingredients? Here is a perfect example, this compact has all kinds of good stuff for our skin in it including Vitamins A, C & E, Phospholipids, Aloe, Red Seaweed, White Peony Flower, Echinacea, Chamomile and Calendula which keeps the skin calm and healthy. I recommend this product to any one and everyone. I just can not keep my hands off of it!

When looking through a magazine or watching our favorite television shows we see those celebs with the perfectly highlighted cheek bones which gives the effect of the larger more prominent cheek bones. The LORAC Perfectly Lit  Oil-Free  Luminizing  Powder gives your skin that perfect lite look just like your favorite celebs with out it being over baring and looking like you through a bunch of highlighter on your face. This product gives the perfect amount of glow and radiance to your skin. Some luminizing powders can look choppy on the skin. Not this one. This one is formulated perfectly. When wearing this product I get so many compliments and people telling me my skin looks amazing and so healthy. After trying this product, I truly can not live with out it. What is great about this product is that it is not just your typical product used to just highlight areas of the face but, it has color to it so it can be warn anywhere on the face with out looking messy. It has the perfect balance of coverage and luminizing effects.

Over all, on all of the LORAC products I reviewed, I give each and everyone of them five out of five stars. There was nothing at all to complain about with these. They are perfect in all the right ways. I would recommend all of these products to anyone and everyone who wears make up!

Head on over to LORAC to pick up your very own by clicking HERE


Mario Badescu Skin Care

Everyone wants a flawless and glowing face. And I am sure many of you , like my self have tried many products in search for the very best products to give us that luminous and perfect complexion. I have good news… Mario Badescu has the best skin care products on the market that I have found thus far! Other brands have not held a candle to the Mario Badescu products that I had the chance to try.

mario mario2 mario3 mario4 mario5

I have never been so impressed with a skin care line as I am with Mario Badescu’s line. I was floored with I tried these products. I could not believe the difference I seen in my skin. It was almost immediate results. My skin was dull , dry and lacking that “glow”. After trying the Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser my skin feel so clean and soft. The great thing about these products are they are not harsh on the skin. A lot of cleansers, toners, masks, serums and other products on the market now a days have harsh chemicals in them which dries out the skin even further. As we age, we want to be giving our skin proper nutrition just like we give our bodies. With out the proper nutrition our skin will age at a much faster rate. My skin is dry year round and gets even more dry in the fall and winter months. These products have helped my skin regain the moisture it needs for a radiant glow.

Not only does Mario Badescu have amazing products but, they have products for everyone and every skin issue. They have products for dry skin , skin with scarring or acne issues, ect. After trying the Mario Badescu products I will never return to my old skin care routine or my old skin care products. Why would I? They just tried out my skin and did nothing for me. Each and every products is designed to help your skin be in the best possible shape.

Mario Badescu has such a wide variety of each product to chose from. There is not just one cleaner or one toner but, many different types of each. The toner I was given helps reduce any build up on the face. Cleaning out the pores extremely well which maintaining the perfect PH balance in the skin. With out a good PH our skin goes crazy. With my sensitive skin I can really appreciate Mario Badescu because each of their many products do not irritate even the most sensitive of skin. In my opinion, if you combine all of the above products that I tried (pictured above) you have the best skin care regiment on the planet. The skin care regiment pictured above has every angle of skin care covered. Well, except a good moisturizer. Which, Mario Madescu also carries. There is so much talk about Mario Badescu products and I can now see why!

To check out all the amazing skin care products that Mario Badescu has to offer, CLICK HERE!


The holidays are coming and we are all searching for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. If you have a lady in your life that loves make up I have just the product for you! Skin1 sent over two products for Tiffany’s Goodies to review and I must say they are amazing to say the least! I have heard all about these two products so could not wait to try them for my self.



Dermablend has been warn by many celebs and has been raved about all over the internet. Usually when a product has that much talk behind it , it really says something about how well the product truly works because, why else would people talk about it over and over right? I had to try it for my self. I found out quickly what all the rave was about. These two products will last a very long time because, you only need to use a very, very little bit of them at a time. I use about the size of the tip of my pinky each time so you can see how a jar could last so long. This really cuts down on spending because, when you are buying liquid foundation from the drug store or even high end liquid foundation it only last so long. I am the type of person that does not like to wear a lot of foundation , concealers or powders so I love that I only have to use a tiny bit.


The formula behind these two powerful products is designed to give you full coverage with out feeling heavy on the skin. There are many shades to chose from to insure the correct match to your skin tone and undertone. Both of these products are smooth and creamy to the touch. When using the Dermablend Cream (jar) you just put a little bit on the back of your hand, warm it up by rubbing it around with your finger tip and then apply it. The Dermablend Cover stick (black tube) you can use to cover  blemishes, acne scars, tattoos and many other skin issues. These two products give a full coverage, flawless and glowing radiance to your skin. has a wide range of Dermablend products to chose from. Not only do they carry the Dermablend Cover cream and Dermablend concealer but, they also carry Dermablend powders and other products as well. is a one stop shop for all your skin care and cosmetic needs. I could not believe the wide range of products they carry. They carry both items that are very affordable to high end items so they are sure to have just what you are looking for. I would recommend that anyone who loves make up or loves to have a flawless looking face try these two products from! Don’t forget to pick up a Dermablend product from for the holidays! The ladies in your life will be overjoyed with the gift of flawless skin.

To check out all the amazing products that has to offer including cleansers, toners, moisturizers, cosmetics, ect. Click HERE


Tiffany’s Goodies was given the product(s) mentioned above for review purposes only. The above opinions are 100% my own. I was not coached on what to say or not to say. My opinions may differ from that of you own.

LED Neon Signs

I have searched the internet for the best quality LED neon and custom neon signs. Not only was I looking for the best quality neon signs but looking for them for a good price. Some can run you $500.00 for a nice size, well made one. I came across and could not believe the amazing selection they had. They had every neon sign you could ever think of. Such a vast selection to chose from. Tiffany’s Goodies was lucky enough to be able to work with bright neon signs to bring you a review!

When ordering a neon sign from www.brightneonsigns, you do not have to worry about ordering extra accessories because, it comes with everything you need. Some of them come with the wall mounts which is very nice. You also get two microfiber rags to wipe off the marker when you are ready to create something new on your board. Mine also came with a white marker. Now, you can purchase other markers in packs like I did. The markers come in many colors to fit your needs. The colors are bright and definitely stand out and make a statement! And isn’t that what we are looking for when we order a neon sign? To make a statement and to get people to look at it. These signs sure do catch the eye. You can use these amazing neon or custom neon signs in your home for events such as birthday parties, holidays, or any other event that your heart desires. These are also great for businesses. If you have a business and want to catch the customers attention, this is definitely the way to do so! Check out the photo below to see just how striking and attention getting these signs truly are…


If you were to hang one of these in your businesses window, it would grab the attention of anyone passing by. In my opinion, these neon and custom neon signs are a must have for any business! If you are looking to increase your sales, get people to come into your business or just looking to show case a menu or any other items then this is the item for you! There are all different sizes of neon signs at . You can also purchase a stand so that you can sit it up instead of hanging it up in a window or on the wall. I decided  to hang my neon write – on board up on the wall. With the remote that is attached to the cord , you can control the color that this neon write-on board puts off. With the remote, you can even have this amazing neon sign flash different colors or flash a solid color. The flashing brings even more attention! When I was searching the internet for neon write-on signs I did not see any other ones that actually flashed! Most neon write-on boards actually only use one solid color. This sign just gives you more options to fit your needs.

At you can chose the size of the neon sign you need. They also carry signs that have a title on the top such as sales, specials, coming soon, ect. You can also find other signs for your business when shopping online at such as open signs or even costume signs with your company name.


Be sure to check out all the amazing LED, neon and custom neon on signs at